Patch of Blue the Prisoner Calls Sky
Julian Schnabel
Pace / Mar 6 – Apr 18, 2020
New York, USA

Pace Gallery is pleased to present The Patch of Blue the Prisoner Calls the Sky, Julian Schnabel’s first solo exhibition at the gallery’s new Chelsea home.

The exhibition features thirteen recent paintings by the artist. An essay by James Nares, titled The Patch of Blue the Prisoner Calls the Sky, will accompany the exhibition.

These works catalogue the possibilities of how and what to paint, revealing a new way of looking at the world that blurs the line between representation and configuration. As Nares explains, “These paintings represent the evidence of their own autonomy. They are metaphoric in an open way, not to interpretation as image but as underlying principles and facets of nature.”

Weather-beaten fabrics provide a temporal point of departure. “Julian is drawn to surfaces and objects that show their own history – scuffed-up cardboard, the discarded sails of sailing ships, Kabuki theater backdrops…he thinks of them as ‘opportunities’ – calls them ‘veils of time.’”