Cynthia Chen
The Sovereign Art Foundation / Art Prizes
Various deadlines 2023
The Sovereign Art Foundation

The Sovereign Art Foundation runs regional art prizes that promote contemporary artists while raising funds to support expressive arts programs for children. Their supporters enjoy a remarkable opportunity to engage with the art world while supporting a worthwhile cause, and participating artists receive exhibitions, cash awards and access to a global audience.

There are annual awards for students that celebrate the importance of art in the education system and recognize the quality of artworks produced by secondary-school students across the world.

The first Students Prize was established in 2012 in Hong Kong, followed by additional Students Prizes in Bahrain, Gibraltar, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, London, Malta, Mauritius, Portugal and Singapore.

The Sovereign Art Foundation was established in 2003 by Howard Bilton and Tiffany Pinkstone, who shared a vision of promoting contemporary Asian art in Hong Kong. By launching The Sovereign Asian Art Prize, they recognized an opportunity not only to celebrate artists, but to raise funds for programs that use art to make a difference. Over twenty years later, the Foundation has raised over $11 million USD and supported the wellbeing of thousands of children using the power of expressive arts.