Emma Hart, 'Good Vibrations' 2023. Photo Rob Harris
The Weight of Words
Jul 7 – Nov 26, 2023
Henry Moore Institute
Leeds, UK

This new group exhibition features an international and intergenerational selection of contemporary artists and writers who explore the overlap between sculpture and poetry.

The works on display range in tone from the humorous to the haunting, expressing everything from direct quotations to the unsayable. They reveal what can happen to languages, and our experiences of them, when sculptural interests in weight, materiality, form and arrangement are charged by a poetic impulse: both art forms take on new dimensions and meanings.

The Weight of Words is co-curated by Dr Clare O’Dowd, Research Curator, Henry Moore Institute and Nick Thurston, Associate Professor of Contemporary Art and Literature, University of Leeds.

Artists in the exhibition:
Caroline Bergvall with Ciarán Ó Meachair, Pavel Büchler, Anthony (Vahni) Capildeo, Tim Etchells, Simone Fattal with Etel Adnan, Shilpa Gupta, Emma Hart, Leslie Hewitt, Bhanu Kapil, Issam Kourbaj, Glenn Ligon, Shanzhai Lyric, Mark Manders, Joo Yeon Park, Doris Salcedo, Slavs and Tatars, Parviz Tanavoli

  • Adrianna Ault: Levee

    Adrianna Ault was raised in New Orleans where a 350 mile levee system controls and holds back flood waters. This project began as Ault attempted to better understand the landscape surrounding the city, but evolved over the course of 5-years to encompass her changing family, journeys they took and the processing of grief. The levee became a metaphor for the barriers built in an attempt to ward off inevitable decline, and the onslaught of time and nature. (more…)

  • popular
    Oct 5, 2023 – Apr 14, 2024
    Institut Valencià d’Art Modern / IVAM
    Valencia, Spain

    What is “popular”? Popular is not fame or celebrity. Popular is not the products of mass culture. Popular is not pop. Popular is not the art of the people, nor the identity of the country, nor the symbols of the nation. The popular is not the product of the proletariat or the craftsmanship of the working classes. The popular is not folklore. The popular is not clichés or tourist souvenirs.The popular is not visual candy, one-euro merchandise, advertising royalties. Popular is somewhere in-between all of that (more…)