Tomáš Libertíny, Barack Hussein Obama, 2022
Tomáš Libertíny
Jan 20 – Feb 25, 2024
Galerie Ron Mandos
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Galerie Ron Mandos is proud to present an exhibition by Tomáš Libertíny. Libertíny born in 1979 in Slovakia, is a distinguished sculptor celebrated for ingeniously blending natural processes with artistic expression. His works are distinctive, characterized by a unique partnership with nature, especially bees, showcasing a fusion of human creativity and nature’s inherent craftsmanship. The exhibition is running from 20 January through 25 February, 2024.

Libertíny’s process begins by crafting the basic structure of his sculptures, which then become a foundation for the meticulous and persistent work of bee swarms. This collaboration culminates in striking sculptures, emphasizing the harmony between human creativity and natural intelligence. The resulting works are not only visually stunning but also embody a profound philosophical statement on the relationship between mankind and the natural world. While these honeycomb sculptures are inherently delicate due to their construction, the beeswax used in their making is one of nature’s most enduring materials, capable of lasting thousands of years.

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These sculptures are not just artistic expressions; they are narratives that weave together the foundational aspects of civilization with the natural world. In Libertíny’s art, bees are more than mere collaborators; they serve as metaphors for the principles of community, hierarchy, and societal roles that formed ancient civilizations. The collective efforts of bees in constructing the honeycomb structures of his sculptures mirror the collective endeavors of ancient humans in constructing their societies and monuments. This parallel elegantly establishes a connection between the natural world and human history.

Through his innovative methods and thematic explorations, Libertíny invites viewers to reflect on the connections between past and present, humanity and nature, and individual and collective efforts. His sculptures, a blend of natural and historical elements, offer a unique perspective on the legacy of the ancient world and the timeless impact of art and natural processes on human experience. In doing so, Libertíny continues to redefine the boundaries of contemporary sculpture, establishing himself as a unique voice in the art world.

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