Tone Fink
Tone Fink / The Best of Everything
Jun 19 – Aug 21, 2021
Galerie Gölles
Fürstenfeld, Austria

Tone Fink scribbles and glues, he cuts and spatulas, he layers and grinds and writes something on it, he scratches, tears, punctures the paper, he crafts and builds objects and performs with them and is filmed and creates films himself. And finally, he does something amazingly conventional: he draws and paints. And sometimes passes on what he does as a teacher.

A sentence by Joseph Beuys is important to him: “Art = man = creativity = freedom.” And further: art is “revolt”, “riot”, “anarchy” Tone Fink quotes great artists of the 20th century. And he sticks to this.

The artist has childish traits. And just because he takes art particularly seriously, he pretends not to take it particularly seriously. But that is deceptive. In conclusion: Tone Fink has been to Beijing, Cairo, Berlin, Tokyo, Prague, and so on with his works.

[Excerpt from the text by Dr. Peter Huemer]