Transversal Aesthetics / In The Air Residency
Transversal Aesthetics / In The Air Residency
Deadline May 19, 2023
Idensitat + Centro Huarte

Idensitat and Centro Huarte are initiating the Transversal Aesthetics / In The Air programme, developing two research and production projects within the local contexts of Huarte and Barcelona based upon the concept of the hybrid residency which will aim to work with the specific nature of these local contexts using social space activation processes. The hybrid residency will combine an on-site temporary presence along with previous and subsequent work to be carried out remotely. The two projects will be selected through a joint open call for submissions, and will be carried out between September and December 2023.

The project Transversal Aesthetics / In The Air, proposes to work from the tensions, paradoxes or connections generated by the concept AIRE/AIR, while also connecting these concept to a river, or its urban configuration, modelled along the course of the river Arga as it passes through the towns of Huarte, Villava and Burlada, or the mouth of the River Besòs as it touches upon neighbourhoods and towns in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. In each of these contexts, a specific project will be activated in an attempt to provide a creative option to the tension that this concept generates, in order to contribute to configuring a new view or perspective.

The work carried out as part of Transversal Aesthetics will follow three common strands: organising a temporary artistic residence, with the participation of an artist or a collective as creator and researcher within the context; setting up a local node involving various regional agents and associations; and organising a transfer of knowledge and learning related to other fields and subjects, in a suite of measures which we will denominate as Mediation Activities. The territorial node, and activities of mediation, will involve local collectives and individuals interested in working within the proposed thematic field. The selected project will develop its work from this predefined context and theme.

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  • Fumi Nagasaka: Dora, Yerkwood, Walker County, Alabama

    During the 2016 US Presidential elections Japanese photographer, Fumi Nagasaka, became intrigued by the rural and southern USA. She had lived in New York City for a decade but despite travelling the world, had yet to visit the rest of the US. All this changed when her friend, Tanya Rouse, invited her to her hometown of Dora, Alabama. Nagasaka continued to visit Dora over several years, gradually building a photographic archive of her visits. (more…)