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Magnum Photographers are on the ground in Ukraine documenting the Russian invasion and its impact on life in the country. Here, we are gathering the coverage as it is published alongside stories that report on the international response to the conflict.

“Kyiv now experiences two parallel and opposite dimensions. On the surface, young men and women prepare for battle, while in the basement of buildings and metro tunnels, families seek shelter. From hour to hour the mood changes, there are moments when everything seems to be going well and then suddenly for reasons beyond logic the tension rises. The tanks are still at the gates of the city. Yesterday I went to take pictures on the front line, it seemed relatively calm, but it seems that tomorrow I won’t be able to return to the same place because the Russian Army have advanced.” –Lorenzo Meloni

  • Jorma Mueller: Restoration to a Better Past

    Restoration to a Better Past is a photography book by Jorma Mueller. In Jorma Mueller’s photography there is margin for a biographical hypothesis and glimpses of something that has been lost. A vision of the present as ebb and flow is almost inevitable in the experience of his work. Subjectivity is melancholic, and that melancholy contains the evocation that restores the legacy for which others risked their fate. (more…)