Florian Hetz
Under the Anti Lies the Body
August 13–18, 2019
Slowroom Contemporary
Stefanskirken, Copenhagen

The exhibition sheds light on a very specific question: is there place for queer people in the house of God? And if their place exists, where in the church are these seats to be found? Artists Florian Hetz, Birk Thomassen, Laurence Philomène, and Sophia Wallace.

With this in mind, we discussed what the focal point of the exhibition could look like without it becoming too much of a political agenda. We felt like the works, if placed in a church’s hall, would become a very clear political statement in itself and wanted this to stand alone in all its power, without too much additional noise. So we began stripping everything back: sexuality, race, political parties, sex and religion and looked on what was left – our organic body. –Slowroom Contemporary

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