Michael Bochkarev
UPHA Made in Ukraine
Ukrainian Photographic Alternative

UPHA Made in Ukraine is the first book published by BOOKSHA. The work on the project started in 2017. The book is the result of creative work by the participants of the Ukrainian Photographic Alternative group. For the final version of the book, 57 photographers were selected with 82 art projects, which, according to the publisher’s research, document the important social, political, cultural and historical metamorphosis in Ukraine and around the world, and depict how photography in Ukraine has been developing. The publisher’s team was engaged to create the UPHA Made in Ukraine anthology for a number of reasons, including the desire to explore, present and archive Ukrainian photographic heritage. Examining a massive array of artistic works of UPHA authors, a team of researchers of BOOKSHA publishing house singled out their main threads – reflection of political and social changes, documentation of critical stages of Ukrainian society development, war, religious impact on consciousness, criticism of economic crisis’ consequences, gender studies, body and sexuality.

The book consists of two parts – textual and visual. Design and composition of those elements allow working with the book’s materials simultaneously and bringing comfort to a reader.

UPHA Made in Ukraine
Hardcover + dust cover, 23×29 cm / 600 Pages
Languages: English & Ukrainian
Edition: 500 copies

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