Giuseppe Chico & Barbara Matijevic / Forecasting
Venice Biennale / 58th Edition
May 11 – Nov 24, 2019
Venice Biennale
Venice, Italy

Entitled May You Live In Interesting Times, the theme evokes a sense of challenge, but also invites consideration for human events in their complexity. Exhibiting artists include Sean Scully, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Nairy Baghramian, Danh Vo, Michael E. Smith, Shilpa Gupta, Julie Mehretu, Ulrike Müller, Tomás Saraceno, Henry Taylor, among others.

The International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, the “great mother” of all the Biennale activities, was organized for the first time in 1895 and immediately became one of the most important art expositions in the World. A prestige which is maintained even today for the ability of La Biennale art to anticipate new trends in art and, at the same time, to present under renewed perspectives works and artists of every period.

Countless Masters have been invited to present their works at the International Art Exhibition, as well as important critics and art historians curated main exhibitions and the National Pavilions: a very long list of central figures in the history of art of the 20th century which contributed to generate and develop the “pluralism of voices” which characterizes La Biennale di Venezia since its birth.

* Due of weather conditions, the Biennale programming has been subject to temporary closures.

  • Adrianna Ault: Levee

    Adrianna Ault was raised in New Orleans where a 350 mile levee system controls and holds back flood waters. This project began as Ault attempted to better understand the landscape surrounding the city, but evolved over the course of 5-years to encompass her changing family, journeys they took and the processing of grief. The levee became a metaphor for the barriers built in an attempt to ward off inevitable decline, and the onslaught of time and nature. (more…)