Vivian Maier, Miami, FL © Estate of Vivian Maier
Vivian Maier: Works in Color
Jun 1 - Sep 13, 2020
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Deepening the understanding of Vivian Maier’s oeuvre and her keenness to record, the works presented by Foam capture the street life of Chicago and New York, and include a number of her enigmatic self-portraits.
Mostly known for her black and white photography, Vivian Maier is an icon in American street photography. A genre mainly dominated by photographers such as Robert Frank, Joel Meyerowitz and Lee Friedlander. Maier’s observant eye as an unknown outsider and as a woman makes her work a significant addition to the canon of photography. This exhibition at Foam focuses on a lesser-known aspect of her work: over 60 color photographs from the period between 1956 – 1986.

This exhibition is made possible in collaboration with the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York.