Naeem Mohaiemen
What We Found After You Left / Naeem Mohaiemen
Sep 21, 2019 – May 10, 2020
The Power Plant
Toronto, Canada

While focusing on moments of mistake and misrecognition, Naeem Mohaiemen’s research into aspirations towards utopia during the Cold War era, manifested through decolonization, revolution, and independence.

This exhibition at The Power Plant presents four films in a rotating program from September 2019 to May 2020. Each film is accompanied by works (photographs, prints or sculptures) that serve as ‘footnotes.’ These works, in the corridor that leads to the screening room, precede the films, upending the standard rule of footnotes following the main text. The sequence underlines the artist’s manifesto for writing history: moving the margin to the centre.

  • Mara Palena: Oikeiôsis
    Witty Books

    The knowledge of one’s inner self as the sole tool for self-fulfillment, for stoically embracing the human condition in all its turmoils – that is what ancient Greeks used to call Oikeiôsis. The same word was chosen by Mara Palena to call a project that unfolds over the duration of existence. The analog images shot by the artist from her childhood to today do not follow any external precept. (more…)

  • A Model
    Feb 9 – Sep 8, 2024

    We all have ideas of what a contemporary art museum should be. Those who founded Mudam Luxembourg, for example, envisioned a museum that would encompass many aspects of contemporary culture, such as art, design and architecture. While one believes the museum to be a place for the presentation of modern art, others view it as a showcase for Luxembourgish creation. And some see Mudam as a space for collectivity, for openness, for events and an experimental approach. (more…)