Sal Taylor Kydd
Sal Taylor Kydd
Limited Edition, 2021

Artist and poet Sal Taylor Kydd announces the release of Yesterday, a limited edition artist book produced in conjunction with Datz Press, that explores the feelings of isolation and dislocation brought on by the pandemic and her journey to find solace in nature.

“This work was made in Maine during the summer of 2020,” the artist explains. “Back then, we felt relatively free from much of the toll that Covid was taking on the rest of the country and the world. The ability to spend time outside in nature gave us the illusion of safety, of normalcy almost, but there was a sense of living on borrowed time.”

Yesterday is a book of photographs made during the summer of 2020. Although much of the country was in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, on this remote island off the coast of Maine, we still felt free from much of the toll that Covid was taking. That summer represented a pause in time, a moment where life could feel normal, when we were still holding on to a world of yesterdays.

A collectors edition featuring. a folio of photo polymer gravures will be available in 2022.

Yesterday / Sal Taylor Kydd
Hardcover, smyth-sewn, transparent printed cover wrap
8 x 11 inches, 56 pages, 2021
Limited edition of 200