Zazzaro Otto
Zazzaro Otto / Traslochi Heimat S.r.l.
Mar 30 – May 18, 2023
ArtNoble Gallery
Milan, Italy

ArtNoble gallery is pleased to present Traslochi Heimat S.r.l., (translated into English as Heimat Moving Ltd) a solo exhibition by Zazzaro Otto accompanied by a text by Bruno Barsanti.

After working for a long time in Berlin, Zazzaro Otto moves to Milan and presents his solo exhibition consisting of a selection of works inspired by the German concept of Heimat. For anyone familiar with the artist’s work, this exhibition will come as a surprise: his aesthetics, provocative and impactful, remain the same, however the subject matter is somewhat different.

Heimat is a word that cannot be directly translated into other languages, indicating the dimension of belonging to a place, thus identifying it as “a place where the language of affection is spoken”, transporting the public back into an intimate and familiar dimension.

The juxtaposition of this word with the concept of moving represents an obvious antithesis: it is precisely within Traslochi Heimat S.r.l. that Zazzaro Otto invites us to find an opportunity to reflect on the idea of belonging to a place and to one’s own culture, but also on the transformation and rediscovery of oneself through constant movement.

This exhibition is part of the Contemporary Spirits project dedicated to galleries that support the work of research-based contemporary artists, implemented by Zero with the collaboration and support of ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto.