Fion Pellacini, Hotbed, 2024 / Courtesy of the artist, Nova Space and Bauhaus-Universität Weimar / Photo Jannis Uffrecht
zero is the moon
Apr 24 – Jun 11, 2024
Nova Space / Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Weimar, Germany

From 24 April to 11 June 2024, students and external artists are exhibiting works that explore the possibilities of a new beginning under the title zero is the moon. Interested parties are cordially invited to the opening on Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 6 pm, in the temporary venue of the nova space – the University Gallery of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar – at Berkaer Straße 11!

The exhibition presents works of various genres, including drawings, sculptures, light installations and ceramics. Some of the works take up the moon as a concrete and universal motif. Fion Pellacini, for example, is showing a moon sculpture made of soap alongside his walk-in installation on Brazilian modernism. Mira Mann’s light installation imposter (mercuryaristocrats) embodies the hybrid role of a paper lantern, its significance in Korean shamanism, in the architecture of Aldo van Eyck and in the Ikea furniture store. The ceramic sculpture entitled Moon by Nschotschi Haslinger, on the other hand, appears to us as an extraterrestrial mythical creature.

Other works deal with the possibilities of a new beginning. Based on the poetically and mythically charged motif of the moon, the Earth’s satellite stands for transformation, fertility and new beginnings, but can also be read as a place of mental escape and, at a visually tangible distance, as an anchor point in the universe. Passion Asasu, for example, picks up on the metaphor of new beginnings in her work #hotchicks by creating AI-generated images that transform and critically scrutinise viewing regimes of the female body.

In zero is the moon, the works of the nine artists use biographical references to reveal social contradictions and disruptions from which an overarching critique develops: they reflect on the durability and endurance of formative social ideas, break with norms or traditions and create new structures, stories or aesthetics – partly with and around the myth of the moon.

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  • Patrick Weldé: Freiheit
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  • Hannah Villiger
    Apr 3 – Jul 22, 2024
    Centre Pompidou
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    Bringing together around 100 works and documents from the collections of the Musée National d’Art Moderne and the Estate of Hannah Villiger foundation, this monographic exhibition dedicated to Swiss artist Hannah Villiger is the first of its kind in France. It pays homage to an artistic practice that oscillated between sculpture, photography and spatial architecture, beginning in the early 1970s and evolving until the mid-1990s. (more…)