Art + Commerce
Creative agency

Art + Commerce was founded in the early 1980s by partners Anne Kennedy, Jim Moffat and Leslie Sweeney. Their concept was simple yet surprisingly unprecedented to create an agency capable of supporting image makers within the realms of both art and commerce at a time when there was renewed interest by artists in working for the printed page. The agency has grown to represent photographers, stylists, creative directors, hair and makeup artists and an illustrator for assignment, special projects, and image licensing. Additionally, Art + Commerce Production offers casting, location and specialized services. Art + Commerce offers long term guidance and support to our artists and helps to build their archives of published work and digital files for perpetuity. We offer support and development for our artists exhibitions and publications, and for educational projects that extend the discussion of image making in general.

Art + Commerce represents a diverse group of image makers, from emerging artists to the most established, preeminent talents in their fields. Projects include editorial and advertising assignments as well as longer-term independent projects in film, photography and other media.

Art + Commerce is committed to extending the cultural currency of new and historically significant photographs. The Image Archive licenses photographs by many of the photographers currently represented for assignment, as well as artists estates such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Erwin Blumenfeld and Guy Bourdin.