Art Press
magazine / review

Art Press is a prestigious monthly international review of contemporary art. Its first issue was for December/January 1972-73. The original branding, which has hardly changed since, was by Roger Tallon. Articles are in French and English.

Thirty years later, Art Press is one of the few influential journals in the French contemporary art market; it can promote, for example, an artist’s standing. Art Press also gives its opinion, supported by references, on wider debates in society.

In May 2006, Art Press 2 was first published. It was a new collection of three-monthly bilingual themed issues, commenting on news events. Issues of Art Press 2 have had the themes such as: The French Scene, Berlin Transit City, Cynicism and Contemporary Art, The New Realists, London New Sensations, and Performance Today.

Designed and produced by the editorial team of the Art Press review, is the updated Internet version of the magazine, with a selection of articles, interviews and reports, enriched by unedited content and longer editorials that are not in the paper review.

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