Art Space Pythagorion
Samos, Greece

The Art Space Pythagorion opened in 2012 with an exhibition by artist Harun Farocki. A former hotel from the 1970s was extensively renovated by the local architects Peni Petrakou and Stelios Loulourgas for this purpose and converted into a modern exhibition space.

With its unique location directly on the harbor of Pythagorion, it offers a magnificent backdrop. But this “white cube” is also meant to be understood as a symbolic place: The view from the building looks out over the nearby Turkish mainland, thus revealing the border between the Orient and the Occident.

In addition to the antique theater, the Art Space is one of the main venues for the commitment of the Schwarz Foundation on Samos. The building complex includes an exhibition hall as well as accommodations for artists. Since the renovation, the foundation has been able to use the building for many different events, thanks to the generous support of the municipality. The city can also use the building itself for hosting local clubs.

In the Art Space Pythagorion, curated exhibitions by international contemporary artists will be presented annually during the summer months, parallel to the Samos Young Artists Festival. The building also offers exhibition rooms for recipients of the atelier fellowship, if needed.

In addition to the use by projects initiated by the foundation, the building will be provided to the citizens of Samos for their own ventures. These include educational projects, film screenings or bazaars.