Art+Text Budapest

Founded in 2014 Art+Text Budapest is a prominent for-profit gallery of the Eastern-European art scene, a reborn version of an art initiative co-founded by Gábor Einspach and Tamás Kieselbach in 2008. It focuses on contemporary art, post war modernism, and photography, and organizes various international and Hungarian exhibitions in the famous Bedő House.

Our former exhibition space was situated in the famous Bedő House, a gem of Hungarian Art Nouveau architecture, from where the gallery has moved in the summer of 2019 to an exciting new location in the same district. Currently under construction, the new space is due to open in 2020.

Body, Fetish, Death / Gabor Kerekes, Geza Szollosi

Dolce Geo / Imre Bak, András Mengyán, György Szőnyei, Ottó Vincze


Diagonal Histories / Imre Bak, Peter Halley

Csaba Koncz

Body, Fetish, Death / Gabor Kerekes, Geza Szollosi

Katalin Hetey

Sari Ember

Zsolt Bodoni

Gergő Szinyova