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Artsy’s mission is to expand the art market to support more artists and art in the world. We are a platform for collecting and discovering art.

Artsy features the world’s leading galleries, museum collections, foundations, artist estates, art fairs, and benefit auctions, all in one place. Artsy is used by art lovers, museum-goers, patrons, collectors, students, and educators to discover, learn about, and collect art.

We cover art world happenings and events around the world. Artsy is a place to explore current and past exhibitions at museums and galleries, biennials, and cultural events, and to preview international art fairs before their doors open to the public. Artsy hosts select benefit auctions to support important nonprofit organizations, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Watermill Center, Public Art Fund, TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art, and Independent Curators International.

The Art Genome Project is the classification system and technological framework that powers Artsy. It maps the characteristics we call “genes” that connect artists, artworks, architecture, and design objects across history. There are currently over 1,000 characteristics in The Art Genome Project, including art historical movements, subject matter, and formal qualities.

There are currently over 600,000 works available for sale on Artsy, provided by galleries, auction houses, museums, and institutions from around the world. We serve as a link between our gallery partners and those interested in collecting.