Ashley Beyer

I grew up in Central Wisconsin and moved to Colorado a little over three years ago after college. I am drawn to color, geometry and the beauty found in day-to-day life, be it something mundane or something extraordinary. I love to tell stories, and I prefer them to be bright, exciting stories of love and travel and adventure. I’ve started shooting film again – it feels so good to hold a 35mm SLR in your hands and take a portrait of your friend, both of you knowing you’ll still have it in a box somewhere when you’re both 53–because I’ve found film to tell better stories, stories that are real and natural and seemingly uncensored. Film tells the truth when others cannot. As a moderate loner, I have always struggled portraiture (past works include lots of midsections and hands, but never the eyes), but I am proud to say this year I have actually begun photographing others and seen relatively pleasing results. It’s like discovering a new method of storytelling-one that somehow brings people together through genuine interest, under the guise of universal humanity. We’re all interested in the people around us. This has created within me the intense desire to photograph essentially everyone I meet, and I’m okay with that.