Aurelie Deguest
Artist / Painter

For Faces, Aurélie Deguest has gathered twenty portraits painted in acrylic or oil. Seizing on the violence of turmoil and madness, she explores a powerful expressionist figurative style. The faces follow each other and face each other, disfigured by the brushstrokes that cause their personal torment to flow. Far from a realistic approach, Deguest wants to move away from any physical resemblances in favor of a carnal and provocative representation which defies the eye, intimidates and seduces. It distorts the eyes of its faces to devour their individuality, and destroys their identity by attacking the freshness of their visage. Waxy and tragic, they are then dumb and imprisoned by the lines that sketch them without ever completing them. Deguest disintegrates realism, but spares them by the freedom of the touch of the essence of the living: the mime of the mask and the fury of the face.