Aurélien Buttin

Geographer and traveler, Aurélien Buttin started experimenting with photography in 2010 on a trip around Europe. Working with Canon cameras he managed to express himself as an artist and has since decided to live this passion fully.

Aurélien spends all his free time traveling the world enlarging his (collection of) photographic work combining both total immersion in native populations and natural landscapes.

As of today, he has wondered through over 40 countries on 3 continents, visiting both man-made and wild environments, symbolic places such as the Sahara desert , the volcanoes of Indonesia, the Caucasus mountains…

On the road, Aurélien also got to meet people of his own generation that all shared the same values and love for adventure and freedom. Thanks to his skills and his camera, he was able to capture the unique moments they shared.

Thanks to the good relationships he is able to build with his models, his photos give off a very intimate feel. His “traveling photography” shows his will to let the photographed subject “act natural”. He is able to handle this difficult task, again thanks to relationships based on trust; offering us sincere photographies full of true emotions.