Benhei Dai

Benhei Dai (b 1993) is photographer currently living and working in Shanghai and Paris.

She graduated in Fine Arts from the college ESADMM in Marseille in 2019. Her research lies in the practice of observations, mainly from her relationship with still life photography. Her purpose is to gather single elements in the base experience of daily routines, then reap and repeat with visuel materials, hoping to gradually bring out their potential impact by the exchanging of context.

Like the word  “Ouroboros,” a game of paradox is depicted. Here is an action of reconstituting the original scenes by oscillating perception. For example, we find a dog by the road that perhaps was waiting for his owner in a grocery store and was caught off guard by floating bubbles, which are in fact, coming from outside the frame of this image. The ultimate key is to detect and to reflect with an internal gaze towards the current space while being caught in the trap of nowness.