Boghossian Fondation
Villa Empain / Brussels

Created in 1992 by Robert and his two sons Jean and Albert Boghossian, Lebanese jewelers of Armenian origin, The Boghossian Foundation aims to contribute to development and education.

In its first fifteen years, the Boghossian Foundation devoted itself mainly to the task of helping improve the living conditions of young people both in Armenia and Lebanon in order to encourage a better future for them.

After completely renovating the Villa Empain, the Boghossian Foundation established its headquarters there in 2010. A jewel of Brussels’ Art Deco architectural heritage, the Villa Empain is now a Centre of art and dialogue between cultures of the East and the West, of encounters and discoveries, of shared emotions and wonderment open to all.

The Boghossian Foundation hosts a rich artistic program and unique activities all year round: exhibitions, concerts, dance performances, workshops for kids, artist encounters, film screenings, and performances.