Camilla Ferrari

Camilla Ferrari took her first photograph when she was 14.

She decided to major in Art and Communications at Università degli Studi in Milan to have a broader sense of culture and history, all while being inspired by her studies.

After graduation she attended multiple workshops and traveled around the world to focus more on what photography really meant for her.

In 2012 she worked as an assistant to Italian fashion photographer Marino Parisotto and as an agent for other photographers in his agency.

In 2014, she was selected for a Magnum workshop in Antiparos with photographer Gueorgui Pinkhassov and after this experience she worked as an assistant for the Venice Workshop by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey.

She met the DxO team in 2015 and, from then, she is a brand ambassador for their new camera DxO ONE, that accompanies her everywhere she goes.

When she started shooting she was naturally drawn towards landscape photography and then her interest shifted gradually towards the interaction between human beings and their surroundings – pursuing travel photography and street photography, which is now where she dedicates her time.