Carla Meyer-Kleynhans

I often fantasize about images that I have made existing in the future, long after I am gone and forgotten. An exact moment, a performance or feeling captured and etched into my timeline, its meaning ever-changing as it is viewed through various lenses, and as time rolls on.

My goal is always to take an image that makes one feel something. That is what I consider a successful image to be.

Some of my photographs are deeply personal recordings of life and loved ones around me – a journal of sorts. A large portion of these such images record the story of my relationship with my partner, his medical & social gender transition, and the way in which the pair of us are viewed by the world. Whereas, some of my other images have no deeper connection to me, other than that I saw something interesting and felt compelled to capture it.

I obtained my honors degree in Fine Art, with a specialization in photography in 2019, at UCT Michaelis School of Fine Art. I was privileged enough to be mentored by some of South Africa’s finest Photographers and Fine Art lecturers, to whom I owe great thanks.
Since graduating, I have delved full-time into the world of fashion photography, and have been photographing models for the past two years, but my goal still rings true for my photographs to ignite some sort of feeling in their viewer.

Ultimately, I dream of combining my art practice with my day job in the world of fashion photography, in order to produce what I imagine could be an exciting and revolutionary way of representing models and fashion in the commercial world of photography.