Carmen Colombo

After a degree in Photography and Visual Arts at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, in 2013 I was selected to attend a documentary course at LuzAcademy in Milan. I have exhibited some of my work at Photofestival in Milan (2012), at the Jitterbug Gallery in Paris (2016), at Macro Museum in Rome for Emerging Talents 2016, and at at Rathausgallerie in Graz (2018). In 2017 my work “Al di qua delle montagne” became a book published by the independent publisher Balter Book, from Torino, Italy. My pictures have been featured on VUU Super Special Issue 9, FotoRoom, YetMagazine, i-D Italy, Vice and New York Times Style Magazine Spain.

I am currently living and working in Milan as a freelance commercial photographer while I develop my personal portfolio in parallel.

I’m interested in portraying the way people live in small suburbs and villages. My pictures are taken in moments of calm. They are instances during which I slow down and try to make my own the subject I portray, weather it be a person or an object.

Often it’s only the light that creates the right condition for the perfect image, a non-place where nothing happens.