Cath. An

Cath.An. works between Nantes and Paris, where she was born in 1981. She found her niche in art history, then architecture from where she got a degree. Her native land is a land of sentences picked up along the books she read or the walks she had. From these, she extracted, in her own special way (maybe due to her Croat origins) poetry. She lives on words; she lets them settle in her mind, under the shape of some writings or some photos. She turns these gushing emotions into photos. Cath.An. has learnt from her architecture studies precision in constructing anything – whence her ‘series’ which are playful variations of lines and shapes. The core of her quest (“What are you looking for?”) is not here yet. It lies more in her will to suggest a presence by the absence of a subject. And especially because she wants to share what she feels from the quivering behind appearances under the veil of light.

–Catherine SIMON, Historian of Art