Chiara Bove Makiedo
Filmmaker / Director

Chiara Bove Makiedo is a filmmaker of Italian, Serbian and Croatian descent. She studied filmmaking at PCFE Film School in Prague and at LCC, University of the Arts, London, where she was awarded a BA in Film & Video. She has directed and co-produced various short films that were screened at the BFI, Southbank. Amongst these was the docufiction, I Sette Vizi della Capitale , a collaboration between UAL and UK Film Council, featuring internationally renowned actress Milena Vukotic and up-and-coming talents Marco Iermanò and Giulia Michelini. Chiara was commissioned by award-winning senior producer, Emily Caston, to co-direct a five-minute behind-the-scenes documentary, (UAL/BFI): The making of: The Projectionist, a film reconstructing the mysteries associated with Alfred Hitchcock’s missing film, The Mountain Eagle. Chiara has worked for several directors on independent feature and short film productions in Rome and London, including with the award-winning production company, Pinch Media. Forming a collaboration with Pinch Media in 2012, Chiara wrote, directed and co-produced her first feature length documentary, Fishermen’s Conversations. The film will reach festivals in late 2014. Chiara is developing her next documentary feature film. Il Coloraro (The Colorist), a documentary portraying the journey of an artisan from the heart of Rome who, with his custom  made colors, supplied some of the most important artists of the past and present centuries. “Dali and his wife would always travel to Rome for that essence of Lavender I would purposely create for them.”


Fishermen’s Conversations is a study of a Mediterranean island, a young woman’s ode to her deceased Grandfather and a portrait of a group of men struggling to keep traditional fishing alive in a rapidly changing landscape. Using minimum dialogue and narration, this partly fly-on-the-wall documentary laments the destruction caused by tourism in Croatia and the greed that invites it. Simultaneously, it celebrates the conservation of a way of life that preserves the identity of the island, through journeys with fishermen as they take to the seas to make their living. The result provides the viewer with evidence that not all is lost if we allow time to stay still once in a while.

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Fishermen’s Conversations
Premieres in Hvar
Fishermen's Conversations is a study of a Mediterranean island, a young woman's ode to her deceased Grandfather and a...