Chimera Watts
Vintage Lighting Design

A chimera is an imaginary fire-breathing monster. It carries a lion’s head, a goat’s body and a serpent’s tail.

Chimera Watts collects industrial vintage objects to design and reconstruct them into unique objects of lighting.


The collection of industrial lamps and objects at Chimera Watts range from works of nameless machinists to well known designers: O.C. White, Mc Crosky and Fairies in the U.S. Bauhaus, Gras, Midgard, Jielde and so on from Europe.

Each piece passes a restoration process to preserve its original form and functionality.


Like the imaginary monster Chimera, the lamps and objects are made of vintage materials of different industries. They are unique single pieces.


From design to fabrication, Chimera Watts manufactures in series. Lamps are designed to bae adaptable – a wall lamp can also be made into a floor lamp or a pendant.