Chloé Heller

Chloé Heller (b. 1997) is a French self-taught documentary photographer.

During her studies, she started studying the link between visuals and politics while doing research on war photography, including her last one on the role of photography in peace building and post-conflict reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Political and Social Sciences at the Catholic University of Lille, and her master’s degree at the School of International Relations of Moscow (MGIMO).

It wasn’t until she lived in Moscow during her studies that she began to explore photography more deeply. She traveled extensively in Russia, documenting her long train journeys and the time she spent with local strangers on the road, from the West to the East, and from the North to the South.
In her anthropological journey of self discovery, she instinctively takes an intimate approach to her photography and video storytelling.