Chloe Sharrock

At the age of 8, Chloe found in a basement an old Ricoh camera. What seemed like a great toy at first, quickly became an indispensable instrument to communicate and express her vision of the world.

After history of art studies in Lyon, followed by cinema studies specialized in aesthetics and documentary in Paris, fields which still influence her work today, she quickly came back to photography through a more journalistic approach. Her work now focuses on religion, seeing it as a complex and rich cultural network. She tries to highlight the ways in which communities organise themselves around cult and tradition.

In June 2017, Chloe founded an association Alhawiat – “identities” in arabic – that is dedicated to building a collective memory from individual stories of women involved in conflicts in the Middle East. The first chapter is established in Lebanon where she spent two months gathering testimonies from Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian women and doing photo documentaries around each story. The goal is to promote peace-building through exhibitions, workshops, and conferences based on the testimonies of each of the women.

Chloe is based in Paris and a member of the photo agency CIRIC.