Christian Berst
Gallery / Art Brut

By presenting the contemporary Art Brut, the gallery Christian Berst implies that it cannot be confined neither in a period of time nor in a geographical perimeter not even in a formal spectrum. What is at stake here is rather the notion of individual mythology, dear to Harald Szeemann.

Since 2005, the gallery Christian Berst Art Brut – internationally recognized as a reference in its field – has been putting its passion at the service of creators off the beaten track, whether they are “classics” already consecrated by museums and collections or contemporary discoveries promised to the recognition of the art world.

The gallery distinguishes itself as much by its exhibitions, its participation in international art fairs as by its publications – more than 70 bilingual catalogues to date – or its conferences, screenings and other cultural events that tend to bring an ever wider public into the intricacies of Art Brut.

Several artists represented by the gallery have joined prestigious public collections including MNAM/Pompidou, MoMA, The Metropolitan Art Museum, many of whose works were included in the selection for the Venice Biennale.

In October 2020, on the occasion of its 15th anniversary, the gallery opened a second space, The Bridge. This bridge between Art Brut and other categories of art allows guest curators, 7 times a year, to express their own vision of this fruitful dialogue.

Alexandre Vigneron (Bio/banner), Beverly Baker, Alexandre Vigneron, Dan Miller, Anton Hirschfeld, Giovanni Bosco, Franco Bellucci, John Ricardo Cunningham, Jacqueline B, José Manuel Egea, Jorge Alberto Hernández Cadi, Julius Bockelt, Katrien de Blauwer