Classiq Journal

Classiq Journal is an online publication written by Ada Pîrvu that celebrates cinema, culture, style and storytelling. It is a singular point of view driven by visual curiosity and an unwavering quest for thought provoking stories.

Classiq Journal is also a place of meeting: with artists, photographers, filmmakers, designers, writers, makers, style makers, craftsmen, amazingly talented and creative people, explorers of places and of the self, who are kind enough to open up and tell their stories in our interviews.

Classiq Journal is about style, too, in many of its forms, and about a simple way of life. It is about personal style in all its complexity, permeating all aspects of one’s life. It is about being authentic, about embracing self expression, about living mindfully and being present, about freedom of your time and of your own thoughts. It is about living life as a conscious choice.

But, ultimately, Classiq Journal is about living a well-cultured life, one in which dreaming, creativity and storytelling play center role.