Claudia Bigongiari

Italian photographer, she focuses on silent spaces and suspended moments.

She usually does not seek out or plan her photographs, they happen. She is driven to take pictures because of an interruption she perceives, a personal need to make her visions and memories come to life, having a non-existent conversation with what is around. Static objects, distant landscapes, and multi layer of experiences. Although there is little hint of human beings in her photography, her presence is always perceived.

She has elected photography as the platform of her questioning (to which perhaps she is answering with other questions). They are about vulnerability or temporality, everything she can capture in the moment without any certainty about the future. She remains fascinated with the ambiguity of the vision where artificial situations replicate nature and natural is lost within humanity.

To avoid re-touching and to work only in a field of documentation, she deals with sincerity, even if this means imperfection. Accordingly, her photographs are thresholds, conditions of blurred reality, foggy and mystic and reflective landscapes.

She attended the Master in Photography at the Brighton University and graduated at the Fine Arts Academy of Florence in Exhibition Design. She currently lives in Brighton.