Claudia Cucca
artist / photographer

Claudia Cucca (Arezzo, 1991) began her university education at the L.A.B.A. in Florence, graduating in Photography.

The artistic journey of Claudia Cucca, characterized by continuous technical and thematic metamorphoses and hybridizations, begins in 2014, when the artist achieve the “Legàmi” project.

It is this work that anticipate the artist’s predilection for artworks and specifically for techniques such as collage and photo-weaving. The image, in Claudia’s production, becomes a living matter: it gains weight, welcomes shadows and lights, resists cuts, scribes, changes and finds its foundation. The following works at Legamì: Society Wannabe (2016), Memoriae (2017) and Memorialie (2017) are a confirmation but at the same time the result of evolution of the themes related to identity and dynamics that animate relational relationships.

It is in fact the year when the artist leaves Florence to move to Milan (2015) that her research expands and focuses more clearly on topics such as collective memory and the role of the image in contemporary society.

She is currently studying at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.

(Biography written by Brenda Vaiani)


– Exibithed at LeMurate (Florence) for the collective show Inko.Art, curated by Inkorsivo (2015)
– Exibithed at Eden Lab (Arezzo) for the collective show Inko.Art, curated by Inkorsivo (2015)
– Mentioned at the prize “Family Dom” IV edition of the Visible White Photo Prize (2015)
– Honorable mention at the International Photo Awards for the categoryFine Art: Other FA (2015)
– Finalist at the prize We Art International organized by NoTitle gallery (2015)
– Exposed at AREA35- Art Gallery & art factory (Milan), for the collective show We Art international, curated by NoTitle Gallery (2016)

Society Wannabe

– Exhibited at Ex-Works (Vicenza) for the collective show It’s Market Time, curated by NoTitle gallery (2017)