Laura Palau

In late summer 2022 I successfully completed the Master’s program ‘Photography & Society’ at Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK), the Netherlands. A time that essentially contributed to the development and growth on a personal and professional level. With its emphasis on socially engaging themes and the social role of photography and art within society. Fostering interdisciplinary approaches between art and science or design and sociology, my studies at Polytechnic University of Valencia, from where I successfully graduated in 2017, assisted me to set the foundation stones for my artistic practice. Completing my studies with the opening of my solo show Edits at Romà de la Calle Foundation I returned to Benlloc, the village I grew up in, to build up my own studio space situated within the local community. While living and working between the countryside and the city I presented my work in different exhibitions and events, among them PhotoEspaña, EACC, CCCC, among other institutions…