Nadia Eterno

Nadia Eterno (1997) is a conceptual and documentary photographer born in Sicily (Italy). Nadia studied photography at LABA (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti) in Florence where she graduated with honors. During her studies her interest in psychology and mental health grows as she starts to analyze and face her deepest thoughts by going back to when her psychological pain started. Self-harm changed her life at the age of thirteen when self-inflicted pain became her coping method. Through photography she manages to visualize her thoughts and understand them better. Her project Coexist focuses on the difficulty to be understood faced by those individuals who rely on self-harm to cope with emotional pain. The hard part is in fact learning how to coexist with those who misunderstand mental health for many reasons. That’s why Coexist aims to be both a personal catharsis and a visual example for those who want to get closer to understanding how this mind works. Her photography is constantly evolving and follows social and psychological aspects focused both on her personal life and the rest of the world.