Thierry Clech

Thierry Clech only uses silver-based photography and his pictures are exclusively black and white. He takes photographs during his travels: India, Japan, Nicaragua, Ukraine…

His work has already been shown in France and abroad including National library of Belarus, Nadar Gallery, Barrobjectif Festival, the Book and Photography Festival of Tourcoing, FotoIstanbul, Argentic Gallery.

He has published several books (Sous leurs paupières de porcelaine, 2019, iKi Editions; 224 West 49th St, 2018, iKi Editions; Explosante-fixe, 2015, iKi Editions ; Imprimer le Monde, 2010, Les Éditions du Tigre ; Déjà vu, 2007, Éditions PC). He lives in Paris.