Contemporary Istanbul
International Art Fair

Considered the leading international art fair in Turkey, Contemporary Istanbul brings both regional and international focus to the dynamic art scene in Turkey’s vibrant metropolis every year. A creative hub of activity throughout history, Istanbul is unique and different to any other major world capital. Like the city that inspires it, CI aims to be equally incomparable. Thanks to the art created and exhibited in this spectacular city, Istanbul is renowned for its contemporary art scene.

For the last 10 years, CI has been a showcase for art from across the globe. Paying undivided attention to Turkish contemporary art, which is incorporated in Istanbul’s spirit, CI hosts the contemporary art of the entire region, by positioning Istanbul as its hub. CI gathers contemporary artwork from the Middle East, Black Sea countries, Russia, the Balkans, Israel, Iran and Egypt which earns the fair a distinct character and a unique identity, while offering a unique taste of art for visitors and locals.

In addition to the list of over a hundred international exhibitors, Contemporary Istanbul has a program of events around the fair including Plugin, CI Dialogues, Collectors’ Stories, and CI Design.