Copenhagen Contemporary
Art Center

Copenhagen Contemporary (CC) is Copenhagen’s new art center, showing international installation art created by world renowned contemporary artists.

A total of 7,000 m2 of spacious, attractive industrial halls offers CC a unique opportunity to show contemporary art especially demanding in terms of scale and format, interactive installation art, performance art and monumental video art. Art that is often immersive and sensed with the body as a whole.

From June 2016, CC effectuated an eighteen-month pilot project on Papirøen, aiming to create a new internationally-oriented exhibition venue in Copenhagen for large contemporary art installations. During this time, CC succeeded in presenting an exhibition programme featuring some of the world’s most acclaimed artists, becoming Denmark’s most visited art center, and generally attracting great acclaim.

CC aims to be a meeting place for a large audience and to collaborate with a number of different partners across cultural genres, nationally as well as internationally.