Daria Svertilova

Daria Svertilova is a Ukrainian photographer based in Paris. She is currently studying in École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs.

Using analogue photography Daria creates in her pictures a utopian world in which people co-exist in total harmony with each other and their environment. Through her work Daria aims to show the fragility of a fleeting moment, the beauty and melancholy of human existence – miraculous, inscrutable life. The energies of purity, softness and vulnerability are the ones Daria comes back to over again in her photographs.

Daria participated with her personal projects as well as collaboration projects with Join The Cool creative collective in various exhibitions at Cité des Arts, Jour et Nuit Culture, Calvert Gallery, Stelplaatz and Odessa museum of contemporary art.

Daria’s artistic and commercial work was featured in both online and print publications including P MAGAZINE, The Opéra, The Calvert Journal (Calvert 22), ELLE Russia, Contributor Magazine, The Blueprint, TheOnes2Watch, FORTH magazine, TRIP Mag, Buro 24/7, Amuse.