Diana Bodea

My first encounter with photography was in 2001 during my two years courses at The Art University, it was then when I began to learn the whole process of developing negatives, and to see the beautiful surprises of the photography. I began to take this art seriously 2 years ago, when I started to be a self taught photographer.

Taking pictures has become a part of my life.

I do like to experiment all in photography, to be creative in all ways possible. Most of my photographs are like journal pages written with light. My work has been dedicated from some time to introspection and direct observation of the self. I find my artwork themes in the most obvious of places and that are, in my immediate surroundings. The TTV Nude series replete with mystery, sensuality and eroticism, offering an unusual, out of the ordinary vision of the bare female body, which invites the viewer into the private space of the model.