Doriane Letexier

Globe-galloping, it is through travel that Doriane Letexier sharpens the eye of her camera, sensitive to societal transitions and the light of nature.

Concerned by environmental issues, she leaves for Japan where she immerses herself in the daily life of the inhabitants of Fujino, a city in ecological transition. She comes back with images revealing the warmth and efforts of this community in its desire to get back to basics, capturing an almost unreal environment in the face of Tokyo’s frenzy.

Always anchored in reality, her photographs capture moments of life, documenting the animal world as well as the landscapes of the American West and the sports world. They also allow themselves more creative and minimalist lines in personal series.

Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in information and communication, Doriane continues her studies by completing a professional photography course. There she confirms her passion for reportage. Member of the Hans Lucas agency since 2019, her images have been published in various national media such as Le Pèlerin, La Croix, France Inter, and Mr Mondialisation.