Edoardo Caimi

Caimi started his research when he was young. Exploring the nature around him became the mean through which he was confronting with life. He treasured the found objects by collecting them, and this aspect never left his practice. Simultaneously with the discovery of graffiti, the natural environment he was used to explore gradually left space to industrial spaces such as abandoned factories, or abandoned farmhouse in the countryside. His approach has always gone beyond the classic rules: at the beginning he was used to highlight stains on walls left by the attempt to erase other previous graffiti. By doing this his tags turned into abstract shapes. Later on, these outlines were transferred to found objects found in the place, so that the attention towards them became much more significant. The iconography of ruin, in the postmodern era, brings with it the signs of its past, by defining a stratification of time. It is an expression of the tensions between nature and structure.