Ekaterina Anchevskaya
Photographer / Filmmaker

Ekaterina Anchevskaya is a documentary photographer and filmmaker. Originally from Russia, Ekaterina finds her inspiration in her homeland and its distinct culture. She was preparing for film school before deciding to switch to Journalism and Spanish studies, but cinematography still has a huge influence on her way of telling stories. Currently she is based between Russia and the UK where she continues her studies in Photojournalism and Documentary Film.

She has been documenting stories in Eastern Europe, Siberia, the Middle East and Caucasus. Her work is focused on the lives of those neglected by society and those experiencing hardships, and the connection between humans and the environment. She always tries to build a confiding relationship with characters spending a lot of time with them in order to showcase their emotions and capture the atmosphere of the place. She is interested in studying memory and human behavior in the light of history and political situations.

One of the current stories is based in Turkey where Ekaterina is following the love story of a Syrian refugee involved in smuggling.

Ekaterina’s work has been shown in Russia, Spain, Colombia, the UK and other countries. She was awarded with an Environmental Bursary of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and was selected as one of Getty Reportage Emerging Talents.


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