Ekaterine Kolesnikova

I am a freelance photographer from Tbilisi, Georgia. Currently, I am a student at the academy of documentary and art photography “Fotografika” in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

My heart is set on the creation of personal long-term photographic projects, where I try to shed a light on my favorite subjects such as the phenomenon of memory, time, and space, the concept of place identity. The socio-cultural and economic determinants of everyday human activities represent an integral part of my visual work. For me, photographs are not just a visual depiction. Images tell a story, supply us with visual references, report on current issues. They can also turn our small dreams into big ones. The attractiveness of visual storytelling, photographic art, and creative industries, in general, always increased my desire to go further in my research and reflection around people, events, and environs I was interacting with. So, photography became the perfect medium to depict the reality I was part of.