Elodie Serhane-Ferré
Artist / Multidisciplinary

Elodie Serhane-Ferré was born in 1982 in Lille and graduated from the academy of Music in Lille and the Hauts de France National School of Art. She spent a year at the Creative School of Arts in Canterbury before being graduated.

Born to parents of different cultures and origins, between East and West, her first works, notably videos, echo both a quest for identity and a questioning about parentage.

Through her dual culture and family history, through her works, she questions the notion of identity in a society where the dematerialization of the image and the creation of new languages ​​forces us to evolve in a constantly changing context.

Elodie Serhane-Ferré led a multidisciplinary approach around bond, identity and imprint.

Her works are presented as a metaphor for the link, the original link of course, but also the link between the artist and the works as different as they are. Through her multimedia universe, she questions the imprint that we are leaving, where it resides in an unstable era in perpetual motion.

Being also a musician, sound and musical movement form from the start of her practice like breadcrumbs which connect and weave each of her works between her past, cultural, artistic, religious heritage and the present, as a constant link between these two temporalities.