Elodie Serhane-Ferré
Artist / Multidisciplinary

Elodie Serhane-Ferré is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her work lives within a personal mythology. She creates possibilities and experiments through a multi-various approach by questioning the connections and separations in our society.

“As in music, I’m interested in multiplying possibilities, testing and mixing sounds, materials…” Her approach consists of re-moving aspects and diverting them, using her own personal experience, our culture, religion and artistic heritage.

“Elodie Ferre works on the intangible feelings of our intimacy.” –Valery Poulet

Her works and performances have been presented at Variations 33, Maison de la Photographie Lille, The Drawing Box Gallery, Art Up, CRAC Biennale d’Art Contemporain, Musé de Boulogne sur Mer, Nolias Gallery, London, among others.