Emilien Urbano

Emilien Urbano is a documentary photographer.

In 2012, having covered the struggles of refugees in Athens, he went to Syria, in the coastal region of Latakia, where he reported on the fight of FSA rebels against Al Assad’s regime.

In 2013 he became head of UNESCO’s Photography Department for a year, closely collaborating with the Chief of Protocol Section and the Directors-General Department.

Since the summer of 2014, he has been documenting the fight of various factions against ISIS, in Northern Iraq and Syria, as well as the war between the Turkish state and the Kurdistan Worker’s Party in South-East Turkey.

He has collaborated with periodicals, such as Le Monde, M le Magazine du Monde, Le Figaro, GQ, Polka Magazine, Die Zeit, Il Corriere della Sera.

Awarded by 73rd Pictures of the Year International, General News, Award of Excellence for “The Prisoners of Al-Malikiyah.